Our warehouse solutions are
customized to suit our customers'
changing needs.

Introducing iHub Solutions

iHub Solutions is a leading customized supply chain solutions provider with warehouses in Singapore, Malaysia, Hong Kong, Shanghai and Beijing. We aim to provide our customers with the ultimate logistics solutions designed and operated by us to solve their logistics problems.  We achieve this through the application of market leading edge innovative business models, information technology, integrated process management and high service quality levels.

Our warehouse solutions are customized to suit our customers’ changing needs. This leads us to develop our unique IT solutions which include the following integrated systems:

  1. Warehouse Management System (WMS) with capabilities like Receiving, Issuing by FIFO or  Expiry Date basis, Replenishment, Relocation.
  2. Virtual Logistics System (VLS) with internet access for key customers and customers’ customers. This is a secured B2B website which handles Order Processing, Manage Inventory by Category, manage Product Aging.
  3. Order Processing System (OPS) to receive data from customers’ accounts systems and print invoices and delivery order remotely at any location
  4. Biometric tracking of personal attendance in relation to operational tasks
  5. System interface between our WMS and customers ERP system (e.g. SAP – WMS)

We specialize in warehouse, inventory management and transportation for companies in the Furniture (Home, Office, Kitchen & Outdoors), Document Storage, Marketing Premiums, Information Technology, Telecommunications, Semi-Conductors, Financial Institutions, Retail, Fashion & Lifestyle industries.

We have in place very comprehensive Process Workflows (reference to ISO 9002 standards) and KPI (Key Performance Indicator) system to track daily service performance so that high levels of customer services are maintained.