Our warehouse solutions are
customized to suit our customers'
changing needs.

About Us

iHub Solutions started business in 2000 and is a leading customized warehouse services provider in Asia today. We operate physical warehouses and combine this with our expertise in information technology to develop software that is customised to the needs of our customers.  In short, our strength is in warehouse management, deep knowledge of the products that we handle and logistics software which we develop and own.

Our core values include an emphasis on the following core areas:

  1. Our staff are highly valued and we seek to provide them with excellent career advancement, continuous learning opportunities and competitive remuneration.
  2. Our customers are our business partners and can expect integrity and continuous improvement from us.
  3. We value our community and seek to donate scholarships and bursaries to institutions like the local polytechnics, etc.

We specialize in the warehousing and inventory management of products in Furniture (home, office and kitchen), Retail, Automotive, Sales & Marketing Premiums, Fashion & Lifestyle, Telecommunications, Medical, etc. products.   We currently operate five facilities in Singapore, Malaysia, Hong Kong, Beijing and Shanghai with a dedicated information network linking the sites.

Vision & Mission

Our vision is to build the ultimate logistics solution for each industry that we operate in. We try to help our customers to become the leading supply chain in their industry. In order to achieve this, we develop leading edge customised warehousing, transportation, kitting, assembly, internet based Virtual Logistics System to complement our customers’ business.  This is achieved through the application of innovative business models, information technology, integrated process and high service quality levels.

Our Business

Our business span the following four areas: