Customized Logistics Services in Singapore,
Malaysia, Hong Kong, Beijing and Shanghai



Reduce the hassles, time and costs associated with managing multiple suppliers, warehousing hubs, and light manufacturing partners. Take advantage of the convenience, accountability and speed that comes from working with a single-source provider. With iHub Solutions comprehensive kitting and assembly services, you now have a quality one-stop resource you can turn to.


Our kitting and assembly service includes light assembly, specialized kitting and supplier-consigned inventory hubbing either in our distribution facilities or co-located elsewhere. We also offer customized light manufacturing and Supplier Relationship Management (SRM) for multinational companies.

Combining iHub Solutions’ assembly services with our supplier-owned inventory hub services allows our clients to reduce cycle times, compress their supply chain and consolidate their operations and minimize their effort to manage supplier functions. As a one-stop service and solutions provider of Vendor Managed Inventory, Assembly and Fulfilment services all in one place, you gain greater flexibility in product line utilization, as well as rapid response to change orders or packaging development. Our warehouse service is top notch, we listen to your need, and we implement just for you!