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handling costs and inventory accuracy

key performances indicators


We measure Key Performance Indicators (KPI) to ensure that we meet our customers’ expectations.  There are 2 different sets of KPI that we measure:

  1. In-Process KPI to ensure that we prevent any in process issues from affecting the final service quality delivery.  This could include receiving packing lists at least 2 days in advance of an incoming shipment, processing web orders within one hour of receipt and zero picking errors.
  2. End Process KPI to ensure that we achieve the final outcome of our customers’ expectations.  This could include stock accuracy, order fulfilment within agreed timelines.

It is important to note that customers are our business partners as well.  Therefore these KPIs apply to them as well when their processes intersect with iHub processes.  Some examples include sending delivery orders by an agreed daily timeline, providing Packing List information in advance of an incoming shipment, etc.  The supply chain is as strong as the weakest link in the entire supply chain and usually the weakness occurs at the intersection between companies’ processes.  It is in the interest of business partners to work closely to achieve high performance supply chains while keeping unnecessary expenses (e.g. overtime, rework) to a minimal level.

In line with iHub’s thinking on zero defect or poka-yoke concept, we design 100% quality check on key processes using our customized software as much as possible.  When our software detects an imminent failure, it sends alert notices to key management staff for immediate action to be taken.